Gaynell Gavin is the author of Attorney-at-Large, the novella she wrote after several years of family and juvenile law practice.  Praised for its "fluent and urgent prose," Attorney-at-Large has also been commended for its description of "practicing triage law." Gavin's previous book, Intersections, consists of poems on place, work, and family life.




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Gavin's debut fiction features "Anarchy Barbie," a spirited lawyer struggling to raise a son while learning the legal ropes as she represents the downtrodden, teens, abused children. Equal parts satirical, sad, funny and tender. . . .

-- Boulder Daily Camera

Attorney-at-Large is a book of the heart and mind--passionate, courageous, and stirring. Want to see how the law really works for children and families?

-- Lisa Knopp, author of What the River Carries: Encounters with the Mississippi, Missouri, and Platte


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These personal, narrative poems are profoundly engaged with the world, its permutations of power and poverty, haunting subjects and speakers, private and public. . . . Carl Dennis argues in Poetry as Persuasion that the voice of authority is a communal one, directed toward the making of communities. Assuming this formulation is accurate, Gaynell Gavin becomes a kind of poetic ur-mother. . .to enlarge our notions of the way community should be defined.



Prairie Schooner

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